[Routing] Routing demo (with OSRM) for all of Europe

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Sep 16 11:09:17 BST 2010


    a demo of Dennis' CH-based OSRM routing engine with data for all of 
Europe is up on http://jolo.geofabrik.de/. There is a very simple web 
interface, but you can also access the routing server directly by 
sending queries to jolo.geofabrik.de:5000, e.g.

wget -Oroute.xml 

As you will see, it routes you from Tromso to Gibraltar in a few 
milliseconds - most time is spent sending the result across the net.

This demo will only run until the 31st October, 2010 (it uses an 
otherwise unneeded Geofabrik server). Since it is not in production in 
any way, feel free to play with it.


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