[OSM-Science] Considering Emapic as survey engine

A E aeiris at emapic.es
Wed Feb 14 12:02:22 UTC 2018

Hi, I'm Adrian from Emapic team. I came across with an OSM-list post by Joost Schouppe about setting up a survey engine (https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/osmf-talk/2018-January/004995.html).

Just want to let you know about our surveys application Emapic (https://emapic.es) and suggest give it a try. Emapic is a FLOSS survey engine focused on geolocation that makes use of OSM as base map, also we're commited to Libre software and user data ownership. Data is not shared with 3rd parties and it's stored under the LOPD (Spanish Personal Data Protection Law), we don't make money from users data (and there's no plans to, almost without the explicit user consent and share). 

Surveys are mostly in Spanish but there's some in English too and it's fully supported in both languages. The app is under development and evolving, we are open to suggestions and colaboration, our github repository is: https://github.com/Emapic/ 

We are making surveys and doing research in the areas of public participation and digital humanities and the way to connect and share information between communities, we will very pleased to work and contribute to the OSM community. Please take Emapic into consideration and contact us if you think it could fill your requirements.

As case studies:

Spanish researchers over the world: https://emapic.es/survey/5biPYoo/results

Coffee growing in Costa Rica: https://emapic.es/survey/8nuspdm/results

Happiness map: https://emapic.es/survey/50ibWU/results

Public Transit Satisfaction: https://emapic.es/survey/2t8YHgQ/results

Bicycle rack location proposals in Madrid: https://emapic.es/custom/enbicipormadrid/bicimad/results


Adrian Eiris

Emapic team


info at emapic.es

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