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Joost Schouppe joost at osmfoundation.org
Wed Jul 3 20:46:05 UTC 2019

Dear people interested in science and OpenStreetMap,

After the succes of the survey before the face to face Board meeting, the
board decided to organize this form of participation on a regular basis. We
don’t intend to organize popularity polls or even get a representative
image of the OSM community. We do however want to reach out to voices we
might otherwise not hear. We intend to do a few surveys a year, aiming to
have results before every major event of the OpenStreetMap year. Next big
thing is State of the Map, and we want to feed the discussions there.

Since State of the Map is the place where people from all over the world
meet and mingle, we would like to focus on communication and what is
happening around the world. What are people doing in Belgium, Bali, Belarus
and Benin? Is there a local community? What can we learn from them? How do
they get involved in the global community?

We are now circulating this document for two weeks in hopes to get feedback
from you. By the end of July we want to finish the questions, and hopefully
have translations.

Next time, we might get into different topics. What topic would you like us
to address next time? What questions do you think are important this time?
Given what we want to achieve with this survey, do you have methodological

On the language issue: we would really like for people to be able to
participate in their own language. However, that means that in the last
week of July, someone must be available to do the translation of the
questions. It also means that in the third week of August, someone must be
available to translate the answers. The answers will be processed only by
board members and people who signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). So if
you want to see a translation happen for your language, we ask you to
commit to organizing both translation efforts, as well as signing the NDA.
We will also encourage communities to answer the survey collectively. We
hope groups will discuss this survey and write to us about the discussion
that happened.

Below is a rough outline of what we have in mind.

All the best,

Joost Schouppe

OSMF Board

   - set context for discussion and interaction at SotM
   - broad picture of what’s happening in local communities
   - feeds directly into local chapter congress
   - framing: please get together and discuss / or submit yourself > for
   “group answers” maybe allow freeform answering


   - Do you want to share your answers anonymously?

   - yes
   - no

(or only with the Board)
OSM username (optional!)Where are you from?Check any of the following to
describe your involvment in OSM?

   - OSMF member
   - mapper
   - supporter (what does this mean?)
   - data user etc
   - developer
   - event organizer

In depthWhat is happening in your local community?what about that is not
known enough; or is useful for other communitiesAre you engaged in the
“global community”do you meet in person? in your community? Is there a
local community beyond mapping?do you know who organises SotM? if you’re
going to SotM, why? if you’re not going to SotM, why not?Online Channelswhat
online channels do you read / contribute to?
Channel Consume Contribute
OSM Blog

talk at openstreetmap.org

osmf-talk at openstreetmap.org


other mailing lists <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Mailing_lists>

openstreetmap twitter


reddit <https://www.reddit.com/r/openstreetmap/>






osm.org banner and link to blog post?

Any other channels not listed? Or more detailsWhat do you find is the most
valuable of these channels? What is the least valuable?Free form

*We’re going to ask these questions every time*
What’s top of mind for you right now?what are you doing to address this? Or
what would you like to do and what would help you to start?
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