[OSM-Science] Opinions required for an OSM based research project

Aruna S aruna.evam at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 05:22:38 UTC 2019

Hello folks,

I was pointed to this list by Rory McCann. So happy that this space exists
within the OSM community!

I am an OSM editor from India, and have been involved with OSM in since
2014. Currently, I am working as a research affiliate at U C Berkeley with
Dr. Abhishek Nagaraj on some cool OSM research that studies the TIGER
import of 2007-2008, and its influence on the OSM project.

The finished research will be available online for folks to read, and will
not use real names of interviewees in the paper.

Please sign up on
if you have opinions on OSM/TIGER/Imports. There's also a provision for
other ways you'd like to be interviewed if voice interviews don't work for

Looking forward to hear back from some of you,
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