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Below is the thread kicking off the second issue for Strategic to delve into...


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I am forwarding this to the board for further discussion.

2010/9/10 Thomas Petazzoni <thomas.petazzoni at enix.org>

Hello Émilie, Simone and Ivan,
>I am contacting you as OSM Foundation board members that I know are
>aware of MapOSMatic and that Maxime and I had the chance to meet at
>SOTM in Girona.
>The MapOSMatic project is currently looking for a new hosting, and the
>MapOSMatic development team wanted to see whether the OSM Foundation
>could provide, or help providing, such a new hosting for MapOSMatic.
>Since the beginning of the project, we are hosted on a dedicated server
>that is a Intel dual-core 2 Ghz, 2 GB of RAM, 250 GB of standard SATA
>disk. Due to the increase of OSM data, the disk is now almost full (we
>even had to aggressively reduce the number of maps we keep in cache in
>order to save space) and will be completely full in the coming weeks
>(by coming, I mean 4-6 weeks, if not earlier).
>We were given access to a new hosting, with 4 GB of RAM, more disk
>space and presumably faster I/Os, but this hosting is in fact a Xen
>virtual machine, and the performances are really not up to what we
>need: it still needs almost one day just to apply the daily diffs that
>we have to use to keep our OSM database up-to-date with the official
>one. We've been fighting for the last two months trying to set up
>MapOSMatic on this new hosting, but now that the old server is going to
>be out of disk space fairly soon, we really need to find a reliable and
>powerful enough hosting solution.
>The current hosting solution on which maposmatic.org is running is
>being paid personaly by one of the developers of MapOSMatic. This is
>ok since it is a fairly low-end hosting which doesn't cost too much,
>but the hosting we need now is much bigger and therefore, much more
>So, we are looking for a dedicated hosting (with root access) that is
>capable of maintaining a complete OSM database up-to-date reasonably. It
>probably means at least 8 GB of RAM and a good I/O subsystem.
>Of course, we are willing to credit the OSM Foundation and/or the
>company providing the hosting on the MapOSMatic website.
>FWIW, we are currently working on a second generation of MapOSMatic,
>with the following features :
> * The user can now select the paper size on which he would like to
>  render the map. Depending on the geographic area selected,
>  MapOSMatic automatically tells the user which paper sizes are
>  possible, and will then automatically adapt the geographic area so
>  that the paper area is completely filled. This is already
>  implemented;
> * The user is now able to select amongst different Mapnik stylesheets.
>  This is already implemented.
> * The user can now select between different rendering styles :
>   -> Plain map. No street index is produced, just the map, with a
>      little header at the top, and the grid. This is already
>      implemented.
>   -> Map with index. Instead of having the index as a second page,
>      the index is now integrated in the map, either at the bottom or
>      to the right of the map. This is currently being finalized.
>   -> Booklet rendering, where the map and index is divided into A5 or
>      A4 pages, for easier printing on consumer-type printers. This is
>      currently being developed, quite a lot of work remains to be
>      done.
>However, before we can deploy those new features, we need to solve the
>hosting problem that we currently have.
>Do you think you can help us ?
>Thank you very much,
>Thomas Petazzoni                http://thomas.enix.org
>MapOSMatic                      http://www.maposmatic.org
>Logiciels Libres à Toulouse     http://www.toulibre.org
>Embedded Linux                  http://www.free-electrons.com
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