[Tagging] Coastlines and structures

David Fawcett david.fawcett at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 14:43:38 GMT 2009

I have a few questions on best/standard practices for delineating
coastlines and tagging the features.

1.  Is there general agreement on where the primary water body ends
and a contributing river starts?

I am thinking of an area where the PGS data cuts a large bay/estuary.
The line was defined by a bridge crossing the water, my assumption is
that this line was chosen because the bridge was incorrectly
interpreted as land.  Ocean-going ships pass under this bridge to the
water behind it.

2.  Coastline delineation around structures.  Based on reading old
posts and wiki pages, it seems like the general practice for solid
structures, like harbor walls and jettys is that the coastline follows
the edge of these features and then an additional area is defined to
delineate the structure itself.

For piers, constructed on pilings where water flows through the
pilings, should the coastline follow the solid shoreline, or should it
follow the outline of the pier?  I guess, is coastline determined
based on navigability or by the ability of water to flow?

Any input would be great.



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