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Mike Harris mikh43 at googlemail.com
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Personally - and I'm probably wrong! - I had always thought that foot /
bicycle = yes / no etc. did not say anything one way or the other about
formal legal status (hence leaving this to designation= ) but merely whether
the evidence on the ground (whether signage - which may or may not have
strictly legal significance - or physical condition or even local custom)
suggested that the way was appropriate for the user group concerned.
So - question to the group - do people think that foot / bicycle / etc. =
yes / no / permissive etc. has any strictly legal implication in their area
/ usage?
Mike Harris


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Are we edging towards:
bicycle=yes|no|private|permissive|unknown - legal status
designation=* - your local (national) name for the legal status
|established - the apparent practical status, which you can use or not use,
depending on your personal standards of verifiability (and the evidence

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