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Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Tue Dec 8 18:15:25 GMT 2009

Matthias Julius <lists at julius-net.net> writes:

> Chris Hill <osm at raggedred.net> writes:
>> Roy Wallace wrote:
>>> How should a parking lot be tagged, that is provided for customers,
>>> e.g. at a restaurant, or retail business? It may be signed as such
>>> (e.g. "Customers only"), or may not. 
>> I would add access=permissive.  You can a note=* tag to describe it in 
>> more detail if you want.  That way if a more precise tagging system 
>> emerges then hopefully your note will assist later.
> access=permissive does not imply any restriction on who can park
> there.  access=destination was also suggested, but IMO it expresses
> "You may enter the parking lot if you plan to park here".

I think access=destination is natural and expresses concisely "you can
park here if you are visiting an associated business".

streets with access=destination are really "you can drive here if you
are visting someplace near it" - even if you typically park in someone's
driveway off the access=destination way.
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