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Steve Bennett stevagewp at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 08:02:29 GMT 2009

> I agree that useful is a good criteria, but there are times when
> "authorised" is not adequate. For example, different parking areas are
> authorized for different functional entities. Maybe I should know if my
> authrorization qualifies for a particular area, but there's a significant
> probability that I may not.

Yeah, but that's getting beyond OSM's scope, IMHO. You you could always add
"Authorised:department=sales" or whatever if you were really keen.

>In that case maybe we should continue trying to bend "access" to fit the

This is not so wrong, imho, if "access=" means "use is restricted to". "Use"
for a road means driving, "use" for a parking lot means parking, "use" for a
sports ground means walking around on it...

>Also, parking areas for long vehicles only (trucks, buses, caravans
>etc), which are quite common at some of the bigger service stops/rest
>areas near here. I know at least one driver personally who keeps a
>special map tagged up with those around the country.

Yep. I've been mapping some docks areas recently. Some parking areas are
clearly for trucks/trailers.

>Commercial doesn't fit here - equivalent to public.

For me, there is a fairly big distinction between a commercial carpark,
likely to charge $7+ per hour, and local council-managed parking, likely to
charge $0-3 per hour. I don't need to know the exact price, but being able
to distinguish the two would be helpful.

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