[Tagging] A second step towards bringing the wiki and tool support closer together

Steve Bennett stevagewp at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 16:08:02 GMT 2009

(First, I'm heartened by all the common sense regarding the "don't tag for
the renderer" meme - someone needs to update that page.)

I have made an interesting second step:


What I've done is apply the same technique against the Osmarender
stylesheet. (Again, apologies if there is a more specific term I should use
than "Osmarender"). The interesting bit is I've then mapped back against the
results of the Mapnik transformation, allowing us to see which tags are
supported in Osmarender but not in Mapnik - but not vice-versa (yet).

For example, at the end of the list:

   1. waterway </wiki/Key:waterway>=stream </wiki/Tag:waterway%3Dstream>
   2. wetland </wiki/Key:wetland>=bog</index.php?title=Tag:wetland%3Dbog&action=edit&redlink=1>
    *Not recognised in Mapnik stylesheet*
   3. wood </wiki/Key:wood>=coniferous </wiki/Tag:wood%3Dconiferous> *Generic
   key support*

1: There is logic regarding tag=waterway with value=stream in both the
osmarender and mapnik stylesheets.
2: wetland=bog exists in Osmarender, but there is no wetland=* recognition
in the Mapnik stylesheet at all.
3: wood=coniferous exists in Osmarender, but not in Mapnik. However, "wood="
is recognised as a tag in Mapnik, so it will probably render as something.

Obviously the next stage is a more complete mapping in both directions,
along with some more information collected. Still getting my head around
XSLT - it's pretty mind-bending stuff.

(For this list, I also incorporated the contents of osm2pgsql's
"default.style" file and added that to Mapnik's taglist, but I have no idea
what that file actually does, or how close I am to capturing all of Mapnik's
tag logic.)

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