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Thu Dec 10 01:37:22 GMT 2009

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 11:58 AM, Anthony <osm at inbox.org> wrote:

> I could, but quite frankly, I won't.  I'm not going through a lookup table
> of road surfaces and their suitability for bicycling when I could just tag
> the road surface and let a computer do that.  Especially since if we have to
> map suitability for bicycling, then we ought to also map suitability for
> motorcycle riding, and suitability for walking, and suitability for walking
> your dog, and suitability for golf carts, etc.
We must be operating under different assumptions. I'm thinking it's *easier*
to use a single tag, like "bicycle:suitability=medium" for a stretch of a
few kilometres, rather than tagging the width each time it changes, the
surface each time that changes, etc etc. And you know, if you tag it medium,
and some bike nerd comes past a year later and says "what! there were 14
kerbs in that last kilometre, I'm downgrading this to poor! how dare you!" -
not the end of the world.

But in case, I don't think there is ever an expectation that people tag
things outside their area of interest or expertise. It would obviously be
fine to go "this looks like a bike path, highway=cycleway" or "this might be
a bike path, but I'm not sure, highway=footway, width=2.0".

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