[Tagging] Tagging highway=cycleway without explicit knowledgeof the law?

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Mike Harris

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> On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 8:14 PM, Frederik Ramm 
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> > I think I am having a deja-vu. The very reason people added the 
> > highway=path proposal (almost exactly 2 years ago) was to 
> "provide a 
> > value for a nonspecific or multi-use path."
> > (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Path).
> Did it catch on? As I said in my other post, Mapnik renders 
> it totally differently to either footway or cycleway. Is that 
> an anomaly or an accurate reflection of current usage?

I don't think it caught on in the original meaning ... See my other message
> Either way I'm pretty sure that there are lots of 
> "highway=path" out there intended to mean dirt paths, whereas 
> I would say both "highway=footway" and "highway=cycleway" 
> would mean paved by default.

... Disagree ... I don't think I am alone in using "highway=footway" for a
designated pedestrian route primarily for pedestrians (adding bicycle=yes in
rare cases) that is a 'path' rather than a 'track' - in rural areas 90% of
these are unsurfaced footpaths (although often paved in towns). I use
"highway=cycleway" for the designated cycleways beside vehicular highways
and for the much rarer cases of a track that is sufficiently well-surfaced
to be able to ride a bike (but very often gravel or similar rather than
paved), that has been created primarily as part of a cycling route (and thus
usually carries regional or national cycleway reference number signage) and
that is almost always multi-use (adding foot=yes to be clear - but I have
yet to find a cycleway other than the beside-vehicular-highway tracks - that
does not allow pedestrians) and does not have (to my knowledge) a legal
status (which in England would usually be a public bridleway or restricted
byway given that cycling is not usually allowed on public-footpaths - there
are a few exceptions, usually urban).

I am not saying thatI am right - just reminding that different people in
different places do different things and assumptions about defaults are
therefore very unsafe!

> Steve
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