[Tagging] Comparison of tag support: Mapnik, Osmarender, Potlatch, JOSM, Kosmos, Map Features (wiki)

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Mon Dec 14 13:13:50 GMT 2009

> No. openstreetmap.org is not intended to become "the better Google
> Maps". openstreetmap.org is a showcase for what you can do with our
> data. It cannot, and will not, host every map that someone could
> possibly want made from our data.
> Our data is there for the taking - you want OpenShopMap, create 
> OpenShopMap.

  Unlike some who only work with XML and wireframe, I actually refer to 
Mapnik and Osmarender as a quick way to double check my work.   And it is 
very unintuitive to see a large blank space which contains 
shop=department_store.     Even for a pure street map, shops may be useful - 
many people navigate from a paper map by following landmarks - "Turn right 
at the SuperWalMart" , not "Turn right by the big unlabeled building which 
could be a store, factory, school, civic center".

   I would be happy to see shop=* added to Mapnik, even if the name takes 
the lowest priority for available space.

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