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Martin Fossdal Guttesen wrote:

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>>Matthias Julius wrote:
>>>I wonder what purpose this is supposed to serve.  If a post box is
>>>attached to a building it might make sense to represent that in OSM.
>>>But, the fact that is is near a specific building is best indicated by
>>>putting it near that building, IMHO.
>>I concur. IMHO, a "housenumber" address is basically for the purpose of
>>being able to route to that location, or pick it out on the map (assuming
>>housenumbers are displayed by the renderer). I can't think of a way that
>>adding the address to the post box adds any additional useful information,
>>and could be confusing, both logically and statistically. If you want to
>>route to the post box, route to the housenumber (of the building). It will
>>take you close enough to the post box. A POI node on the map (if rendered)
>>would then give you the precise location. If you want to "find the nearest
>>post box", that's a geographical search, not an address search. Now if
>>there is no building at the location, and the post box does have an
>>address, then unless you are adding housenumbers to vacant lots, adding
>>the address to the post box might make sense.
>Well i got a list from the postal service over all the postal boxes
>the list is like this
>Postal nr  | City | where it is | Address
>and the column "where it is" is an ordinary description of where it
>is,possible values are attached to building, on fence, built inn, on pole,
>inside shop and so on
>and the address is almost always an address of a way name and an number, 
>not always there are some rare exceptions where only an name is given, and
>that is alway some locale well known location
>the thing i was thinking about was
>well we allredy got a address node close by. the postal office is saying 
>postal box is belonging to it
>would'int it be nice/better/convinient to have some kinde of relation from
>the postal box to the address node
>then it wouldn't be that hard to make a map where you could find the 
>postal box

The "Where it is" might be convenient to have in a comment field. I don't 
think I would relate the post box address to the building unless it's 
attached to, or in the building, but if you have a valid reason for doing 
so, go for it.

In Mike's situation, where the post box address is similar to but not 
identical to the addr:housenumber, then I think it's valid to include it. 
And, even if it is identical to a building address, ref= is probably a 
better method than addr:housenumber=.

You wouldn't be able to route to a specific post box (or mailbox as we 
call them in the States) with a general purpose navigator program, but I 
think the need to route to a specific post box across town, would be a 
pretty unique need that could be met with a special purpose router that 
searched for ref=* instead of addr:housenumber=*.

Anyone for OpenPostBoxNavigator?


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