[Tagging] Post_Box and addr:* nodes

Matthias Julius lists at julius-net.net
Mon Dec 21 16:27:25 GMT 2009

"Randy" <rwtnospam-newsgp at yahoo.com> writes:

> Martin Fossdal Guttesen wrote:
>>Well i got a list from the postal service over all the postal boxes
>>the list is like this
>>Postal nr  | City | where it is | Address
>>and the column "where it is" is an ordinary description of where it
>>is,possible values are attached to building, on fence, built inn, on pole,
>>inside shop and so on
>>and the address is almost always an address of a way name and an number, 
>>not always there are some rare exceptions where only an name is given, and
>>that is alway some locale well known location
>>the thing i was thinking about was
>>well we allredy got a address node close by. the postal office is saying 
>>postal box is belonging to it
>>would'int it be nice/better/convinient to have some kinde of relation from
>>the postal box to the address node
>>then it wouldn't be that hard to make a map where you could find the 
>>postal box
> In Mike's situation, where the post box address is similar to but not 
> identical to the addr:housenumber, then I think it's valid to include it. 
> And, even if it is identical to a building address, ref= is probably a 
> better method than addr:housenumber=.

To map a post box in OSM you need a latitude and longitude for it.  To
state additionally that it is near a certain address is redundant.
And to tag the post box with the address from the list mentioned above
is probably wrong because this is not the address of the box but some
nearby address.  You need to somehow translate that reference to an
actual location on the globe (lat/lon).

> You wouldn't be able to route to a specific post box (or mailbox as we 
> call them in the States) with a general purpose navigator program, but I 
> think the need to route to a specific post box across town, would be a 
> pretty unique need that could be met with a special purpose router that 
> searched for ref=* instead of addr:housenumber=*.

A router just needs to treat post boxes just like any other POI.  You
don't necessarily need an address to be able to route to it.


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