[Tagging] Should 'highway=incline[_steep]' be discouraged?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Dec 29 08:38:02 GMT 2009


Matthias Julius wrote:
> The difference is that all those tags describe specific objects while
> incline is a property of an object which is not the node itself.

But isn't that the case with lots of nodes? The "place=city name=London" 
node, does it describe something that "is the node itself", or rather 
lend a name to all that is around it?

> While a road might be a pre-requisite for a speed bump I wouldn't say
> that the road defines the speed bump.

You certainly cannot tell the orientation of the speed bump from the 
node alone...

I think that in trying to scratch your itch regarding highway=incline 
you're opening a rather big can of worms. - And to open one larger 
still, it has alway been my position that *anything* that depends on the 
direction of a way should be avoided unless it really affects the way 
itself. I would accept oneway=yes or the implied oneway in the direction 
of a river's flow, but anything that uses the concept of "left" or 
"right" together with a way should be avoided (because it is not about 
the characteristics of the way itself, but rather about where something 
else is located in relation to the way, and this is not a property of 
the way).


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