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Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Mon Nov 2 01:06:46 GMT 2009

[i'm new to the tagging discussion, just joined, please bear with me]

On 11/1/09 7:13 PM, Adam Glauser wrote:
> Sam's message has me somewhat confused as to who said what.  In terms 
> of cycling tagging in North America, where the legal framework is 
> fairly similar* most places, my approach has been as follows, FWIW.  
> First of all, it gets confusing quickly because we don't have much in 
> the way of bicycle-specific laws.
this originally came up because i had mentioned on talk-us that i had 
set up a NY Bike Routes page and had started working on some New York 
State related routes.
> LCN makes sense for roads designated as "recommended" cycling routes. 
> Cities like Toronto have roads and paths which have been deemed to be 
> safe for cycling, which may or may not have cycling-specific 
> infrastructure.
a specific example that's in front of me right now is the Mohawk-Hudson 
Bike-Hike Trail (aka the Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway). it spans two counties 
and is maintained by the towns it passes through for the most part, sort 
of sitting between local and regional. i've dithered over lcn vs rcn, 
the description of the distinction on the wiki pages doesn't make this 
very clear. it uses a mixture of dedicated paths on old canal towpaths 
and old RR roadbed, and a some sections of roadway shared with cars, but 
without dedicated bike paths (parallel parking, car doors, and everything.)

now the Mohawk-Hudson bikeway is also considered part of the longer Erie 
Canalway Trail, which is clearly an rcn, running as it does from Albany 
to Buffalo.

it might be good to look at the master plans that various cities are 
producing in the US in response to federal requirements. Albany, NY just 
finalized theirs within the past week, and copies may be obtained here:


there is a lot of detail about route designations and implementations in 
the final draft pdf file.
> RCN I'm not really sure about.  To me, the Route Verte in Quebec would 
> be a good example, though practical and perhaps linguistic reasons 
> have led to it being classified NCN.
and in the context i'm looking at, the NY Bike Routes and the canalway 
trails make sense as rcn tagged trails.


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