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Mon Nov 2 10:12:17 GMT 2009

lcn = local cycle network (used in some countries, notably Belgium and the
Netherlands, for circular tours, in other countries for fairly
short-distance routes), rendered DARK blue

rcn= regional cycle network (used for a "node" network in the Netherlands,
used for various sub-national routes in other countries, sometimes used for
local cycle routes (eg Bonn in NW Germany)). This would probably be
appropriate to use for state/province networks. Rendered LIGHT blue.

ncn= national cycle network (used for national level in Europe - there are
some inter-national routes, but these tend to be an additional number added
to national routes, and aren't separately rendered). Rendered red. If you've
only got a handful of "inter-province" or "inter-state" routes, then it
might be appropriate to use ncn for state/province-level routes, and leave
the trans-continental stuff unrendered.

The Dutch guidance manual (CROW Report 25) identifies 5 types of route,
which seems about right to me:
1) national
2) regional node network, extending throughout the country (ie for day-trip
leisure cycling outside the city)
3) local cycle tours (these are being phased out in favour of the regional
node network)
4) main cycle routes (ie the main routes in towns, typically from the edge
of the built-up area to the centre)
5) cycle routes (connections between the main routes in towns)
{with international being an unspecified, and probably unnecessary, 6th

However, what Andy/Dave give us is three levels, and we make our own
decisions locally about how they are used.

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