[Tagging] Breezeway (alternative to the tunnel and covered options)

Ed Hillsman ehillsman at tampabay.rr.com
Wed Nov 4 04:04:39 GMT 2009

I spoke about the "tunnel"/"covered" problem to some students here  
interested in OSM, and one of them said "Oh, you mean a breezeway".  
Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breezeway offers a  
description, and two illustrations via external links, that suggest  
the term "breezeway" fits a lot of the cases considered in the recent  
threads here dealing with "covered" and "tunnel". Breezeways  
apparently can be quite large, although it is not clear that they  
would really apply to the roadway case with which Randy began the  
threads. A search of Google images turns up examples mostly at the  
scale of a residence, but also a few quite a bit larger (including  
Tolman Hall at the University of California--Berkeley). I would  
suggest "breezeway=yes/no" as an additional tag for the stretch of  
"highway=*" that traverses a breezeway. The term "breezeway" is  
apparently of U.S. origin, but if there is not a British equivalent, I  
would suggest that we go with it.


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