[Tagging] How to tag un-named roundabout?

Peter Childs pchilds at bcs.org
Sat Nov 21 16:45:28 GMT 2009

2009/11/21 Dave F. <davefox at madasafish.com>:
> Paul Johnson wrote:
>> If it really doesn't have any
>> name at all, then noname=yes is awesome because it solves the human
>> problem, too.
> This discussion has been flogged to death on other forums, but obviously
> needs repeating.
> People are incorrectly marking ways with noname=yes just because there
> are no signs. This doesn't mean that it doesn't have a name.
> Dave F.

Indeed, most round abouts have names, even if they are unmarked. Most
can be found due to local knowledge, or maybe the name of the largest
round, or pub at the roundabout.

I'm not suggesting you guess of make it up, But if its known as the
"Sans Pareil Roundabout" because the pub next to it has been there
longer than the round about its self, then name it. Most of the names
are used by Routing software to discribe routes rather than for
addressing, so you have some logical reason, then add it. If it does
have a different name, that later becomes clear it will get changed,
or maybe the council will name it. However I'm not suggesting tagging
for the renders or the routing software, Its more "local knowledge"
which is one big gain of OSM.

Be aware however that loads of towns are getting the round abouts
sponsored for advertising. So if its labled with loads of adverts
don't go and label it the with the adverts, They have this amazing
habit of changing.


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