[Tagging] Admin division multi-polys

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Nov 24 02:04:49 GMT 2009


Alan Mintz wrote:
> 1, Is it really correct that the relation has no tags at all? (I added the 
> name tag just to make it easier to find in JOSM)

As you know there's seldom a "correct" and "incorrect" in OSM. But I 
would recommend to put all the tags on the relation and leave the outer 
way untagged.

> 2. Is it correct that the inner members have no tags at all, instead of 
> maybe tagging them the same as the county boundary, and also adding them to 
> a multipoly for the county?

This is half of a legal question probably. If you have an inner member 
in a boundary relation then whatever the boundary describes is not 
there. So basically you're saying "this area is not part of Rialto 
City". Do yo have to specify then that it is part of a certain county, 
state, or country? I don't think so because that fact is automatically 
given by the county boundaries. (If you wanted to say that anything that 
is in Rialto City is *not* in the county - which I guess would be wrong 
but let's say you wanted that - then you might use the outer ring of 
Rialto City as an "inner" member of the county relation and frankly I 
don't know what would happen to Rialto's inner rings then.)


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