[Tagging] Housenumber interpolation with regularly skipped numbers

Anthony osm at inbox.org
Sat Oct 10 23:17:31 BST 2009

On Sat, Oct 10, 2009 at 5:51 PM, Randy Thomson <rwtnospam-osm at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Randy Thomson wrote:
>> Consequently, in single family dwelling areas, with even/odd
>> numbering, the numbering sequences go 00, 04, 08, 12, etc. for even
>> (N/W), and and 01, 05, 08, 13, etc. for odd (S/E) house numbering.
>> I don't know of any way to handle this with the current interpolation
>> scheme. Considering the thousands of housenumbers involved, I need to
>> be able to use interpolation for numbering, but current agents would
>> render twice the number of house numbers as actually exist.

> Forgot to add that here is an example, using current node addressing on
> one side of the street, and my proposed method on the other side of the
> street:
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=32.67212&lon=-97.39307&zoom=17

I don't think you should include the "skip".  If renderers are
rendering an interpolation as individual houses, they are wrong.  In
an interpolation, the number of houses is unknown.

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