[Tagging] Housenumber interpolation with regularlyskipped numbers

Randy Thomson rwtnospam-osm at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 11 02:46:01 BST 2009

Tobias Knerr wrote:

> Randy Thomson:
> >> Consequently, in single family dwelling areas, with even/odd
> >> numbering, the numbering sequences go 00, 04, 08, 12, etc. for even
> >> (N/W), and and 01, 05, 08, 13, etc. for odd (S/E) house numbering.
> > > 
> >> [...] I have a
> >> suggested scheme of adding an interpolation subkey,
> >> addr:interpolation:skip=*, where skip would be the number of house
> >> numbers to skip in the sequence (all/even/odd).
> I don't think that using a subkey for all/even/odd is the best
> solution, because it means that you are indirectly modifying the
> definition of interpolation=odd (which is interpreted as "this way
> represents all odd numbers in the interval set by the end points").
> My suggestion is to use a new interpolation value; something like
> interpolation=step + step=4 (step=2 would produce the same result as
> odd/even, depending on the house number it starts with; step=1 would
> have the same effect as all).
> It will of course mean that current applications won't use your
> interpolation ways at all, but that's how it is supposed be when
> someone invents a new tag. If the situation is common enough, support
> will be added.
> Tobias Knerr

I see your point, and tentatively agree with it, much as I hate to say
it, because it will totally screw up the current interpretation of
interpolation, whereas my method will only be misinterpreted by
doubling the number of valid addresses. Still as I said, it makes
sense, and the weakness you pointed out in my approach is valid.


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