[Tagging] Housenumber interpolation with regularly skippednumbers

Tobias Knerr osm at tobias-knerr.de
Sun Oct 11 09:49:22 BST 2009

Anthony writes:
>>> What is one supposed to do if the number of houses is unknown?  Do I
>>> need to propose an
>>> addr:interpolation_as_the_word_is_defined_[...]
>>> to handle that situation?

Yes, you are trying to express something that is different from what I'm
trying to tag, so we should use different tags to do so.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you are the one who needs to invent a
new tag - this depends on how the existing tags are defined. I think
that my interpretation is supported by current tag descriptions, but as
this isn't perfectly clear, I'd hope for some more feedback from others.

If it turns out that the tags are currently supposed to be used with
your interpretation, I'll probably invent something like
interpolation:complete=yes and add it to my interpolation ways.

> And what about the labor savings when I try to map a few hundred strip
> malls with addresses like this (real example):
> 14301,14303,14309,14341,14347,14349,14351,14361,14367,14369,14379,14391,14401,14405,14407,14425,14441,14443,14445,14457,14465,14463,14459
> in the front, and in the back 14313,14317,14447,14449,14453,14455
> Do we really have to let the perfect be the enemy of the good?

Not at all, we just should make sure that everyone can use the method
they think is best, and evaluators should be able to read the data

After all, your interpretation of interpolation is perfectly able to
answer the common question of
"I know that a house with number n exists, where is it?"
so it certainly is useful. In addition to this, mine is able to answer
"What numbers exist at that street?"
which provides additional information, but requires additional effort to

If we use different tags, an application which needs to answer question
1 can evaluate both tags in the same way, while an application that
answers 2 will only use the tag(s) for my interpretation of interpolation.

Tobias Knerr

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