[Tagging] Housenumber interpolation with regularlyskippednumbers

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Tue Oct 13 03:29:16 BST 2009

> 2) define a way to enter estimated/incomplete interpolation.

> The way to enter incomplete interpolation info could resemble the
> Karlsruhe schema (incomplete_interpolation=* or whatever) or it could be
> combined with a dedicated TIGER addressing scheme as Anthony suggests. I
> don't know anything about TIGER's address data though, so I can't tell
> whether that's a good idea.

  TIGER obfuscates the data by declaring the entire numbering range of a 
zone: for example a "400 block / Even" containing houses 404 through 420 
would be declared as "range Even / 400-498" in TIGER.   For navigation 
purposes, that gets you to within one block of an address.

  I have no problem with the relation that Anthony proposes except that it 
seems unnecessary to introduce a new construct to represent the same idea. 
One of the use cases for crowdsourcing is to make public announcements to a 
region to check the map in their area and make corrections directly or 
submit correction requests to "X".   Now imagine if they were asked to check 
the address relation: "Go into edit mode, check the way the arrows point on 
your street, inspect the left / right roles to be sure that the house 
numbering is correct".   On the other hand, if they see the rendered 
obfuscated address numbers on their street, they simply submit or make the 
correction directly.

   Continuing to use the Karlsruhe schema would cover 3 cases:

   {No change} -> represents exact address coverage as defined today.
   addr:interpolation_accuracy=estimate  ->  For surveys that don't collect 
missing numbers, or for rapidly changing situations where numbers may be 
added or combined often.   Would be useful for accurate navigation, but not 
useful for the reverse case where someone needs to count addresses on a 
  addr:interpolation_accuracy=obfuscated -> For TIGER data known to be very 
rough.   Navigation apps could be aware that accuracy is limited and handle 

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