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On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 5:26 PM, John Smith <deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com>wrote:

> 2009/10/14 Sam Vekemans <acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com>:
> > Ok, so my big question is:
> > Why are your property boundaries rendered with solid fill?
> > Its not indicating land use, and should be rendered as a
> > 'dash-dot-dot-dash' line.
> > (at least thats how i remember it from drafting class)
> >
> > So if the property boundaries arnt filled in, then there is room to go
> > around and tag areas of 'landuse=residential; or farmland or
> > protected_area or industrial or what ever.
> >
> > Its after the area has been tagged with an appropriate landuse tag,
> > that it becomes clear where the roads 'should technically' be, and
> > there is also (I think) a tag landuse=civil (to show that the city
> > owns it)
> >
> > Me hopes that makes sence :)
> It makes sense, but you missed the point entirely.
> The property boundary landuse is unknown, between the boundaries there
> are voids, these voids seem to exist where there is road ways and
> water ways.

eye... i, i ie :0)

But of course the landuse us 'unknown' by default. .. so what needs to be
done is to go around and find out what the actual landuse is.
... of course there are voids.... there are voids all over the map of black
space. :)

When these boundaries are filled in, with 'area=yes' ... then yes there
appear to be 'voids'

But it's just like a power line running through somewhere.... you cant
automatically say that the land under it is a 'no-go' zone. ... you cant put
anything there, until eithor  A - you get more data available, or B- it is
physically survayed.

My point is that you dont need to be drawing in ANY roads.... your just
importing boundaries.... nothing todo with roads.

For examaple... I have polygons that are ready to be imported for

For me, since im aware that roads are being imported, It's silly for me to
be importing this landuse=residential polygons... 'cause when you see them
(with no roads around) you CAN extrapolate and see that the space between
them, is wide enough for a road to be.
.... but it could be a landuse=industrial.

So the solution (im doing) is that i make these .osm files available on a
server, as the conversion part... and just let these files sit there until
someone want them.

So for Austrailia... my guess is that YES, the road data will 'most likely'
become available in the next year.   So why be so concerned about these
empty spaces?  .. why not just focus the efforts on converting all the other
different types of data available, and make those available as .osm
files.    ... and keep the discussion going on 'how to appropriately tag the
features that are available'  .... rather than how to tag what is NOT

.... and again,   If was to go out there and survay an area.... and i see
that there is no road. ... what i DO see is that there is a
landuse=something  (farmland) (desert) ... or but a fence if there is one.
.. or natural=grassland.   'cause there ALWAYS something.  .. ditch ...
Once that area is physically surveyed, it's mapped that i's something. ...
and there should be no question.

.. from what i see on that sourcedata website, you got LOTS of different
datasets available to play with.    ... i think that the BBQ's have been
dealt with, whats next?


(fun taking in circles)   ... good times,  im learning too.
Sam :-)

p.s. You guys will probably be done your import before Canada's done :)
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