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I think I'd prefer school:type rather than school:status, and I'd prpbably
separate out the denominations to another tag. And please avoid that mess of
underscores in c_of_e - a recipe for typos if ever I saw one.


On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 8:30 PM, David Earl <david at frankieandshadow.com>wrote:

> Because it is likely to be useful to my local authority in a real world
> project, I am considering adding some tags to schools to classify them,
> something like this:
> operator=Somewhereshire County Council
> school:level=early|first|nursery|infant|junior|primary|prep|secondary|tertiary|special|referral
> school:status=independent|c_of_e_aided|c_of_e_voluntary_controlled|community|foundation|inter_church_aided|non_denominational
> |roman_catholic_aided
> I hope operator is largely uncontroversial as the operator tag is
> already widely used in other contexts, though I'm sure someone will find
> the need to argue about it.
> school:level is describing the kind of school: mostly corresponding to
> age group, but special, for example is about special needs students, and
> age groups overlap and are sometimes fluid, so it's a bit more than just
> age. These are terms used in the UK: I am sure there will be additional
> terms from many countries, some of which may overlap and some may not.
> (Incidentally, it is hard to tell pure age ranges from the notices
> outside schools and other non-copyright sources. Where age ranges are
> fixed and the info obtainable, no problem adding it, but I'm
> concentrating on what I can get from surveys here). The list above is
> what my local authority uses.
> school:status is about a bit more than the operator. Schools in the UK
> have complex governance: the County or Unitary Authority is responsible
> for education, but schools may be provided by the local authority or
> indeed central government but run by some other body which wants a part
> in indoctrinating children, including churches of various kinds. I don't
> know whether such nuances exist in other countries, I'd be interested to
> hear. Again, such information is usually available from the notice
> boards outside schools. The ones I've listed above are those of my local
> authority: I guess there may be some others I don't have even in the UK
> - for example I'm sure there must be muslim aided schools, but the
> principle follows.
> One might argue that the denomination tag is appropriate, as per
> churches and cemeteries, for example:
>   school:status=religious_aided
>   religion=christian
>   denomination=church_of_england
> so the status is simpler but broken down further in some cases.
> So, has anyone used similar tags already, and if so, what are they?
> I have no strong feelings about what I would call such tags if they
> haven't already been invented, so I shall let the argument rage over
> what they should be called and other aspects which will no doubt come
> up, and then use whatever seems to be the consensus or majority view
> after a few days.
> David
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