[Tagging] Housenumber interpolation with regularlyskippednumbers

Randy Thomson rwtnospam-osm at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 15 07:58:18 BST 2009

Randy Thomson wrote:

> Sounds good Martin. I have about 3000-5000 houses to tag, I'll tag the
> beginning and ending house addresses, on each street, if you'll tag
> the 15-20 individual houses in between. They're in the satellite
> images, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Oops, don't want to get accused of exagerating (again). There are
really only six or seven interpolated houses on the blocks where I'm
going to be adding addresses, because the block number changes in the
middle of the physical block, where the developer decided not to add a
cross street. Still, a significant increase in effort to individually
tag, rather than use interpolation.


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