[Tagging] Housenumber interpolation with regularlyskippednumbers

Anthony osm at inbox.org
Thu Oct 15 13:45:14 BST 2009

On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 2:50 AM, Randy Thomson <rwtnospam-osm at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Sounds good Martin. I have about 3000-5000 houses to tag, I'll tag the
> beginning and ending house addresses, on each street, if you'll tag the
> 15-20 individual houses in between. They're in the satellite images, so
> it shouldn't be a problem.

I'll give it a try.  Send me a list of the ways.  I'll set up a script
to automatically create the nodes, and I'll just move them into place
if they're not lined up over the houses.

Or if you want, I'll give you the script.

> Just kidding, but hopefully you'll get the point that it's a pretty
> labor intensive job, and interpolation, with an appropriate skip factor
> would make the job a lot more likely to eventually reach completion.

Or even easier and more likely to reach completion without the "skip factor".

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