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Stephen Hope wrote:
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>I think the operator tag needs some careful documentation if you're
>going to use it this way.
>Take this local (to me) school as an example
>www.stjosephsbrackenridge.qld.edu.au  I'll be mapping it's area soon.
>This is a Catholic Primary School. If I used operator tag, I'd put
>Catholic Church or similar, not QLD Education Department. The building
>is on church owned grounds, the church pays the staff. They do accept
>some assistance from the government (I think), but it is a private
>school.  To me, the Education Department is the certifying/controlling
>body, not the operator of this school.  They would be the operator of
>government run schools, however.
>It may be that you're talking about a different situation where the
>County Council actually owns and runs the schools, but sub-lets some
>of the work to other bodies. But if you're just talking about who is
>the certifying body for the school, I think operator is the wrong term
>- it's likely to cause confusion.

This is relatively straightforward tagging issue if you think of the
physical building/land and its use as two separate sets of tags. You can tag
the building and land with an owner=, landlord= or whatever tag that best
describes this. Then using operator= to describe the tenant (or indeed use
tenant=). If there are more parties in the chain then its not so difficult
to think of appropriate tags. And as you say, if the role is governance,
then an administrator= tag might work.



>2009/10/15 David Earl <david at frankieandshadow.com>:
>> operator=Somewhereshire County Council
>> |roman_catholic_aided
>> I hope operator is largely uncontroversial as the operator tag is
>> already widely used in other contexts, though I'm sure someone will find
>> the need to argue about it.
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