[Tagging] Shoulder and traffic indicator tags

Daniel Tremblay tremblad at gmail.com
Tue Aug 3 13:25:55 BST 2010

I give up.

Looks like openstreetmap will not be helpful for me.  I will continue to
document cycleways=lane, cycleways=track, *cn_ref as I see them in my
neibourghood but will not try to go further than this.

Back to the primary objective of my suggestion: when I am preparing a
cycling ride on unknown-to-me roads that are not marked as cycleways, I
would like to know if those are bike-able: it is paved or not (already
there), maxspeed (already there), is there a shoulder or not (not there), is
there lot of traffic (actually, only the class of the road helps here -
primary, secondary, tertiary, I can live with that), is there a sign for
sharrow road (which is different than cyclways=lane IMO - I didn't know that
English word before that discussion but I like it although it will have to
be explained to non-native English audience like me).  I don't care about
rendering as long as I can view the tags in openstreetmap.org(overlays/data).

Thank you to those who have taken time to discuss it here.  Not sure we will
ever come out with a consensus ...  Seems I don't have the energy to fight
here ...

PS: I understand the need for the openstreetmap community to carefully
define the tagging structure in order to meet as many needs as possible.  It
is not suitable that anybody tags anything anyhow.  I understand and respect

Daniel Tremblay
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