[Tagging] Tagging "natural" borders

Erik G. Burrows erik at erikburrows.com
Tue Aug 10 23:08:10 BST 2010

>> I have several cases where a border polygon (national park, wilderness,
>> etc.) is defined based on a natural feature, such as a
>> stream/crestline/etc.
>> What is the preferred way to handle this dual-purpose way?
>> Splitting the border way, creating a relation of the border pieces, and
>> adding the natural= tag to the correct pieces seems reasonable to me,
>> but
>> I want to make sure that is correct, and will render properly.
> Depends how the border is defined. Is it the stream centerline? One
> bank? A parallel offset line on one side? (The latter is probably more
> applicable to canals where the property line goes beyond the water.)

In the cases I'm dealing with now, the boundaries are on the stream, which
is not defined anywhere as having width, just a line.

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