[Tagging] Tagging "natural" borders

Michael Barabanov michael.barabanov at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 23:10:51 BST 2010

I'd prefer relations.  Duplicating the line to offset is borderline
micro-mapping; I don't think micro-mapping is practical in a lot of cases
right now.

On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 3:08 PM, Erik G. Burrows <erik at erikburrows.com>wrote:

> >> I have several cases where a border polygon (national park, wilderness,
> >> etc.) is defined based on a natural feature, such as a
> >> stream/crestline/etc.
> >>
> >> What is the preferred way to handle this dual-purpose way?
> >>
> >> Splitting the border way, creating a relation of the border pieces, and
> >> adding the natural= tag to the correct pieces seems reasonable to me,
> >> but
> >> I want to make sure that is correct, and will render properly.
> >
> > Depends how the border is defined. Is it the stream centerline? One
> > bank? A parallel offset line on one side? (The latter is probably more
> > applicable to canals where the property line goes beyond the water.)
> In the cases I'm dealing with now, the boundaries are on the stream, which
> is not defined anywhere as having width, just a line.
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