[Tagging] How to tag an unsigned bike lane?

M∡rtin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 19:13:22 BST 2010

2010/8/23 Alex Mauer <hawke at hawkesnest.net>:
> He’s not talking about the sidewalk.  He’s talking about the “cycle”
> lane.  I think this link may work to show it explicitly:
> http://maps.google.com/maps?t=k&layer=c&cbll=28.332797,-81.491264&panoid=s34bEpDWqe-ThdTF0X38uQ&cbp=12,132,,2,18.46&ie=UTF8&hq=&ll=28.332798,-81.491435&spn=0.001171,0.002411&z=19

OK, sorry, I'm too much used to red=cycleway (in Europe it is quite
often like this) and there is no signs either. Probably I'd suggest to
cycle on the sidewalk anyway, doesn't seem to be any pedestrian around


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