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True.  In my experience in the USA, fast food refers more to the type of food than to whether it is quickly available.  Food that can be prepared and cooked quickly is referred to as fast-food, and tends to be simple items such as sandwiches, fried chicken or fish, etc.  More elaborate recipes, requiring longer preparation and/or cooking times, are generally not classified as fast-food.  Incidentally, even a "cook-to-order" restaurant will usually prepare certain dishes in advance, such as breads or soups. as otherwise the customer might have to wait several hours for their meal to be ready.

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Am 25.08.2010 15:32, schrieb John F. Eldredge:
> Most examples of an establishment having a kitchen, but no provision for customers to eat on the premises, would fall under the fast-food category, but not all.
This is highly dependent on how you define fast-food.

 > For example..
I'd regard this as fast-food - grab and take away - no matter what kind
of food is sold.


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