[Tagging] craft= Proposal

M∡rtin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 16:31:08 BST 2010

2010/8/25 John F. Eldredge <john at jfeldredge.com>:
> Most examples of an establishment having a kitchen, but no provision for customers to eat on the premises, would fall under the fast-food category, but not all.  For example, there is a small Chinese restaurant in the central business district of Nashville, known for preparing just one or two dishes each day, .......

John F. Eldredge, what are you trying to explain? Tag it as a
restaurant and move on, if you think that this is fitting. We will
probably never (at least not so soon) be able to have definitions that
cover every exception in a field as wide as gastronomy.


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