[Tagging] No proposal labeling

Matthias Meißer digi_c at arcor.de
Sun Aug 29 10:05:40 BST 2010

Come on let's keep emotions out of here ;)

> It doesn't seem like you've thought this through very well, nor
> developed this proposal in a team and your suggestion seems to be in
> conflict and you don't have a very clear proposal page so you better
> tag your own page as having no proposal, it seems to fit your criteria
> completely!
I'm here to have a discussion, to see other points of view, to get in 
touch with people that are involved in developing tags. I dont need a 
proposal to do that, do I? :)

> The proposal system is broken completely. So broken it is unfixable.
> Because of that, the proposal system is ignored by the vast majority of
> mappers.
> So for a tag to have a proposal page, is utterly irrelevant.
I think I understood what you said already the first time.
So how do you design a tag in a team without the proposal process?
Why do you say it is unfixable?


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