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Also, at least in American usage, while a cafe will always sell beverages, it may or may not sell alcoholic beverages.

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On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 3:48 PM, Emilie Laffray
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>> Well, I would say it is part of what we call a "café". The problem is
>> more that Dutch uses the same word for what in OSM are three terms:
>> bar, cafe and pub. And moreover, the same place often having the
>> function of all three. To me, it's not the usage of the word "cafe" in
>> OSM that is strange, but the distinction that is made between the
>> various drinking establishments.
> A "café" has a different meaning in different countries. Depending on where
> you are originating from, you are likely to have a surprise, especially if
> you are an English speaker and you are going to France.
> Again, it is a case of sticking to the definition used on the wiki, even if
> it doesn't sound logical based on the usage of the word in your language.

The problem is that the definition on the wiki makes a distinction
which is not made in the Netherlands. A 'café' is a place where drinks
can be bought for local consumption. I am to divide these into "cafe",
"pub" and "bar", based on whether they sell drinks and snacks or light
food, sell beverages in a relaxed atmosphere and usually also food or
sell beverages in a more party-like atmosphere not selling food. Well,
I find this distinction very artificial, because many will fall in all
three categories, depending on the time of day - a cafe by day, a pub
in the early evening, a bar in the later evening. Should I tag them
with all three? And if so, when seeing a cafe during the day, do I
need to come back in the evening to listen how loud the music is?

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