[Tagging] Tidying up arts venues

Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Sat Nov 6 09:35:58 GMT 2010


After bringing the tourism=gallery proposal to a long-overdue vote, I'd like
to see what people think about the other tags for "arts" (in the broadest
sense) venues. Looking around London, where there are thousands of arts
venues, we have some fairly confused tagging and a huge number of
internationally reputable venues missing.

We currently have agreed tags:
* amenity=arts_centre
* amenity=cinema
* amenity=nightclub
* amenity=theatre
* tourism=artwork
* tourism=museum

In proposed features we have:
* tourism=gallery (for vote:
* tourism=music_venue (abandoned:


Are we missing other tags that should be proposed?

Should I tidy up the music_venue proposal and bring it to a vote under the
tourism key

Is the current split between amenity / tourism about right?


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