[Tagging] GeoNames to Garmin Custom Map to Geonames conversion

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Sun Nov 7 22:31:22 GMT 2010

Hi Marcel & Geonames group, and others,

I have now completed the analysis of the Geonames and Garmin Map
Features conversion.

I narrowed the list down to 1,024 features


The 1st 5 columns, A-E are of use to Marcel to be able to update the
geonames2mp conversion script to make the Garmin maps from it.

I then went through the list of Garmin Features and matched it back up
with the geonames list.

For this version, i set it to read-only, as i am now working on the
chart in more detail, by adding in the Natural Resources Canada -
CanVec Map Features, and purging the catelogue into this list.   The
result being, a more complete comprehensive list of the map features,
with even better descriptions :)

If anyone finds any errors, please let me know, so then i can fix it
as i am working on it.

My aim is to get this next part done in the next week, so i will
update the chart with the addition of the Natural Resources Canada

Hope this helps,

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