[Tagging] landuse for arboretum

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Wed Nov 10 22:01:07 GMT 2010

i'm currently doing the boundaries for the Pine Hollow Arboretum south
of Albany NY.

none of the current landuse/natural tags seem quite appropriate. 
and natural= wood are closest, but i'd hesitate to use either without a 
tag indicating that it's specifically an arboretum (denoting a site 
where trees in
a natural setting, not necessarily local to the site, may be viewed.)

an arboretum sort of sits in the middle between the two classifications,
it's managed in a limited way in that there are intentional plantings of
interesting trees, but the management is limited in that dead trees
may not be cleared, etc.

i'm using landuse=forest for now, but would like to invite discussion
of which main tag is really appropriate and what subtype tag might be used.


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