[Tagging] Call for German, French, Russian & Japanese updates for changed tag

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 22 21:21:41 GMT 2010

Am 22.11.2010 10:49, schrieb Tom Chance:
> Ulf, the proposal introduced a new set of tags to specify the type of
> power=generator, deprecating two existing tags. The new set of tags is
> more powerful and loses none of the detail made possible by the old tags.

I'm not gonna argue with you, wether the new proposal is better than the 
existing stuff, as that's not the question to ask.

> When that happens, the only logical course of action is to update the
> wiki documentation showing the new tags and removing the deprecated
> tags. It makes no sense to continue telling people about deprecated tags.

First of all, please repeat a hundred times on the blackboard: There's 
no such thing as a deprecated tag in OSM. Especially not, if the new 
proposal is only a few weeks old ;-)

Your "logical course of action" has a quite unlogical component: As long 
as editors, the database and renderers using the existing tags - as they 
do - it's quite unlogical to remove the description about those tags in 
a hassle. This will e.g. confuse anyone looking for the intention of 
those tags as found in the database.

Another thing already mentioned quite often: 20 out of 200000 mappers 
isn't a reasonable amount of people to force ideas over all others. It's 
an indication that it is probably a good idea - but not more. If the 
mappers think your proposal is a good idea they will use it. But that's 
up to the mappers.

So I'll herefore ask you to change the page back to it's original state. 
Adding a noticeable remark / link to the "approved" proposal page is 
perfectly reasonable, simply replacing the existing content is 
definitely not.

Regards, ULFL

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