[Tagging] Width of shop frontage

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Wed Nov 24 19:17:01 GMT 2010

Thought about the idea, and perhaps the following approach could work 

Assume, the mapper wants to collect the shops in a street segment.
- walk from one end of the segment to the other in approximately 
constant speed (arbitrarily slow/fast).
- press button everytime passing a shop "position" (where the node 
should be later)
- use microphone or keyboard to add notes to the individual nodes added
- later post-process the nodes - more or less automatically.


Am 22.11.2010 21:57, schrieb Laurence Penney:
> In some detailed shop tagging I'm doing it feel's like I'm missing a method of declaring that a given shop is more than the width of one "shop unit". I'm considering adding units=2, units=3 etc for such cases.
> I think it would be particularly useful to demonstrate that the whole of a row of shops has been surveyed. After taking account of the units tag, any gaps in a line of nodes - on a fully surveyed street - could be taken to be private houses or empty space.
> Of course there's no standard width for a shop. Yet that need not matter - in very many places there is a consistency of shop widths, a width that can be deduced from the typical node spacing.
> Are there any other methods people have been using to denote this? Maybe width=<n>  units would be better.
> Note that nodes on street corners don't necessarily work well with units=* or width=*...
> - L
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