[Tagging] African roads/paths and average speed

Christian Spanring cspanring at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 15:07:41 GMT 2010


I'm trying to figure out a good tag combination for a set of roads and
paths in Idjwi (an Island in Lake Kiv in Dem Rep Congo).

The attributes that were given to the road/path network range from
"drivable" to "primary path" and "secondary path", which would
translate to highway=unclassified for "drivable" and highway=track in
combination with different tracktypes for the "paths".

Another interesting attribute is the average walking and driving speed
per segment, which is really useful information in that area.

Which tag should be used for average speed indications?

On the wiki I found mentioning "avgspeed", but I would like to break
it down to something like "moto_speed" for motorized vehicles and
"foot_speed" for walking. Traveltime etc. can then be calculated by
distance and speed obviously.

Any thoughts?


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