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Wed Sep 8 12:22:17 BST 2010

At 2010-09-08 02:13, =?UTF-8?Q?M=E2=88=A1rtin_Koppenhoefer?= wrote:
>... mobile home probably is, but I don't know what sense there is to tag 
>it, as it has no "place" (it is mobile).

I'm not talking about RVs/trailers/campers - I'm talking about housing that 
is built in 2 or 3 pieces, trucked to a "mobile home park", and then 
mounted fairly permanently to the ground. Once placed, they are rarely ever 
moved again. It's like a condo complex, in that the tenants own the 
dwelling and pay rent for the land and common areas.

>  ... There are also mixed use houses, in Germany we call this "Wohn- und 
> Geschäftshaus", which is "residential and commercial building".

Yes - these are getting somewhat popular in new redeveloped urban centers 
here. The most common case is ground-floor retail with apartments or condos 
above. Seems like these should be drawn as residential buildings and then 
add POIs for the shops.

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