[Tagging] Proposed Feature - Public Transport - Voting

Ilya Zverev zverik at textual.ru
Mon Apr 4 12:35:21 BST 2011

I guess I can answer some of the questions.

> 1. In the provided links I can see all the street names in German. Do 
> you have any examples of uses outside of the German cultural raum?

We in Russia have created several routes using this schema. For example,
There was a large discussion on public transport in our forum, and by now
every participant of that discussion has stated their approval for this

> 3. How do you intend to scale the level of difficulty? What is aimed at 
> beginners, and what is for intermediate and advanced mappers? Have you 
> included any of the suggestions from the earlier conversation on the 
> newsgroup?

Not all elements of the proposal are marked as required. "Old" PT schema is
still supported with this proposal. A beginner can map just routes and
public transport stops, like before, and it still would work. Only the
tagging have been changed: various bus_stop, platform were replaced by a
single public_transport=platform. Now discussions like "Where to place
highway=bus_stop nodes" have become irrelevant: the new schema is very
clear on this. So I think that "intermediate mappers" (?) will learn the
proposed PT schema faster and will make less errors, than with the "old"


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