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2011/4/8 Jo <winfixit at gmail.com>

> In Ghent (Belgium) I find the following in the name tags:
> Henri Farmanstraat ((Luchthavenpionier, 1874-1958))
> Vincent Evrardlaan ((Oud burgemeester van Gentbrugge, 1896-1995))
> Guido Gezelle straat ((Dichter, 1830-1899))
> Interesting information, but technically not really part of the name of the
> street. (Nobody will add that as part of an addres). Still, I also already
> wanted to be able to add this information. Can this information be stored in
> a name:etymology-tag?

Good idea, but not with "etymology" as the name. This is not the etymology;
that would be the philological origins of the word. Here we are talking
about a description of the person the place is named after, and especially
the reason why he deserved the honour.

You have to keep in mind, though, that this information is not strictly part
of the geographical characteristics of the way/place, but more of an
occasional addendum. Here in Italy this caption is often included in older
signs, or in newer signs in the historic centre that usually have some
better quality, but it's usually ignored on newer signs (like this [1] ).

> mvg,
> Polyglot



[1] http://giandri.altervista.org/Prigioniero/ViaBosso.JPG
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