[Tagging] etymology of street names

Jo winfixit at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 08:37:14 BST 2011

In Ghent (Belgium) I find the following in the name tags:

Henri Farmanstraat ((Luchthavenpionier, 1874-1958))
Vincent Evrardlaan ((Oud burgemeester van Gentbrugge, 1896-1995))
Guido Gezelle straat ((Dichter, 1830-1899))

Interesting information, but technically not really part of the name of the
street. (Nobody will add that as part of an addres). Still, I also already
wanted to be able to add this information. Can this information be stored in
a name:etymology-tag? And while we're at it, we may be able to add a link to
Wikipedia as well?

name:wikipedia=nl:Guido Gezelle

What do you think?


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