[Tagging] ADR Tunnel Categories

Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Wed Apr 13 13:29:41 BST 2011

ADR (see [1]) is a set of rules governing transport of hazardous 
materials by road, produced by UNECE (see [2]). It is responsible for 
those yellow/orange diamond-shaped signs on trucks with a UN substance 
number and particular hazard warnings. It also covers classifications of 
tunnels in major routes, so that transporters know what substances are 
and are not allowed through that tunnel. The applicable tunnels are 
categorised from A-E, where A means "pretty much everything" and "E" 
means "almost nothing" (by way of hazardous substances). All the tunnels 
and their classifications are published and signed on the ground. There 
aren't actually very many - the UK has only 9 for example - but this 
information is as essential for transport companies as max weight and 
max height if they ever transport hazardous materials.

I have searched taginfo and the wiki for a way of tagging a road tunnel 
with its ADR category and found the hazmat tag (see [3]) which has a 
proposal on the discussion page for hazmat:tunnel_cat for this, but 
nothing seems to have come of it. I consider tunnel_cat to be too 
generic, as we are talking here about a particular classification scheme 
which has only been subscribed to by a limited number of countries, all 
of which are in Europe or North Africa (which is not surprising as the 
UNECE officially has a European scope). The tagging should allow for 
other classification schemes, and make it explicit which scheme is 
referred to. I was thinking of proposing the following:


to be attached to ways, normally through or adjacent to tunnels. The 
presence of this information will allow routers for HGVs to take this 
into account if they want to support hazardous loads.

Any views on this? Would this need to go through a formal proposal, or 
is adding it to the hazmat wiki page enough?


[2] http://www.unece.org/trans/danger/publi/adr/country-info_e.htm
[3] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:hazmat

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