[Tagging] How to tag destroyed stuff?

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Tue Aug 9 05:49:34 BST 2011

>> is their removal permanent, or are they to be rebuilt? if they are going
>> to be rebuilt in substantially the same place, i'd just set access=no
>> with a README=destroyed by storm 201y-mm-dd, to be rebuilt, ETA 201y-mm-dd
> Well obviously there is a time between when it's destroyed and when
> there are firm plans for rebuilding. I'm presuming they would both be
> rebuilt at some point.
> IMHO a "README" is not the right approach as it is not shown to
> consumers of the map.
it's about all we have right now. if you don't know when the circumstances
will change, ETA: TBD works in the readmen.

we don't have a good way of transmitting this knowledge to end users.
README is primarily for mappers who might otherwise do unexpected things.
an annotation class that can convey this sort of meta info to users might
be worthwhile. want to make a proposal?


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